How to Successfully Attract Long-Term Tenants?

Tenants come and go. This is the sad truth about having a rental business. Perhaps it’s for family, work, or a limitless wanderlust addiction, the truth that they will be leaving eventually stays the same. However, as the owner of the property, you can actually do something to help minimize the chances of your tenants to leave, move on, and end their lease. This article aims to help every rental landlords and property managers near me by giving you some ideas to aid you to attract long-term tenants.

Be considerate about your tenant’s requests

Some renters are itching to do some alterations to the property for them to feel at home. This can include planting a small garden or interior decorating. When they are willing to invest a bit if their effort and time into the property, then these are basically the type of tenants who are game to sign for a longer term. Another most requested condition for tenants would be to let their pets in their homes. A lot of rental owners are against pets, so, you can encourage tenants who are pet lovers to stay longer with your rental unit.

Attend to repair problems right away

When something does occur to come to your attention on a regular inspection or through maintenance request from the tenant, never just put in on your to be delayed list. Make sure to attend to such requests or issues as soon as possible. Once more, this is about letting your renters feel that you’re taking care of them as you ensure that they will be as comfortable as they can within their stay. They will feel that you take care of them just like how you take care of your properties.

Keep your tenants happy by maintaining your property well

A well-maintained property isn’t only to appease tenants. It is a great way to keep the property value at its great potential as it encourages the renters to take greater care for their house, which helps reduce the chances of extreme repairs and maintenance that should be done. By maintaining the property, your renters will feel as if you’re taking care of the, as well. Aside from this, your tenants will surely feel respected and valued, which is one of the best signs that they will be up for another term.

Consistent and reasonable rent adjustments

The prices of properties are always changing the expenses of managing property will usually change accordingly. The majority of renters will understand that rent prices really changes from time to time. However, this does not provide you the right to significantly increase your rent. As a rule of thumb, nearly 2-3 percent every year is accepted as reasonable. However, other tenants might not be happy with that either.

Your rental price must be set just below the market value

Though this seems to not make sense to you, you can actually benefit from this. If you list your property at just a slightly below the market value, you can help make your home more enticing for renters and it can attract a great prospective tenant.

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